Curriculum Mapping

Mapping courses to a curriculum map aids in defining a clear pathway leading to the culminating mastery of Program Student Learning Outcomes. On December 22, 2021, faculty requested a new curriculum map design which is somewhat automated to select each course as it is Introduced, Reinforced or Mastered in the curriculum.

The following links lead to the new curriculum map template. The IE&A Coordinator has updated all curriculum maps to include all courses required in each Program curriculum, for each award offered.  These updated curriculum maps can be found in NTC HLC Team channel, under as “2022 …… Curriculum Map”. Faculty may request assistance at any time from the IE&A Coordinator in the maintenance of the Curriculum Map.

2022 Template Curriculum Map – single line formatted

Core Abilities met by courses listed as required in the program have been added to the curriculum map as they meet required Core Abilities for Applied General Education and/or MnTC requirements.

Catalog update to GE, MnTC, Core Abilities and Applied GE

Program and Student Learning Outcomes Reviews

Program Student Learning Outcome Review Worksheet

Course Student Learning Outcomes Review Worksheet

Writing Learning Outcomes 

Clifford Adelman’s 20 categories of operational verbs

Curriculum Map File Naming

Curriculum Mapping File Naming: To help identify current and new curriculum map iterations the following format for naming your curriculum map file is recommended: Year-month-day>4-digit program code>Program and award>”Curriculum Map”

Example: 2021-04-01 ADMM Medical Coding AAS Curriculum Map