Boozhoo NTC Students! With the partnership between Northwest Technical College and Bemidji State University, NTC students are able and encouraged to utilize the BSU resources. One of these excellent resources is the American Indian Resource Center.

The American Indian Resource Center located on BSU campus is a great resource for American Indian and all students to learn more about their culture, language and to study with other college students!

Who we serve and who we are

With Executive Director Chrissy Koch, Assistant Director Ann Humphrey, Outreach Specialist Ron Wilson and the American Indian Student Mentor Shantel Northbird we have the tools to help you on your journey through college! Whether it is locating or accessing resources, possible funding and scholarship opportunities or just getting together over a good meal the AIRC will be there for you. To meet with us, catch us at the AIRC events, in our offices at the AIRC, in the Student Success Center, or by email!

Shantel Northbird is available by email, and has NTC office hours varying every week.

Ron Wilson is available by email, and has NTC office hours: Monday and Tuesday 12:30- 4:30pm.

Ann Humphrey is available by email at

The AIRC seeks to support American Indian Students that are going to school and at various stages in their lives. We want to be part of your network that helps to connect you with the NTC campus, no question is too small for us to help you succeed.

So, what can Ron or Ann help me with?

College tips, strategies and resources for your college career

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Time, Tips, and Tutors

Week 3: Mental Health, Self-care, and asking for help


Week 4: Starfish, AIRC Facebook, how to engage on campus

Week 5: Community and Tribal Resources

Please look at the comments on the video for the links discussed! Miigwetch!

Week 6: Midterms and Words of Encouragement

Week 7: Scholarships and tips


Week 8: Hard Conversations Part 1


Week 9: Hard Conversations continued


Week 10: Important Documents


Week 11: Job applications and Resumes


You are always welcome to come to the AIRC events, we would love to have you join us! Keep an eye on your school email for updates on events that we will hold specifically for you at NTC.