The Accessibility Services Office seeks to ensure that all students with disabilities have equitable access to all opportunities at Northwest Technical College. The office provides accommodations for eligible students enrolled in courses and programs through Northwest Technical College either in online or on-campus courses and serves as a resource for faculty, staff and the College community to promote an inclusive environment.

Students seeking accommodations due to a disabling condition are encouraged to visit with the Advising and Accommodations Coordinator as early as possible to begin the process. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

The process for seeking accommodations includes the following:

  1. Apply for Services.
  2. Submit documentation from a reliable source to support the diagnosis/claim of a disability
  3. Meet with Accessibility Services to discuss the need for accommodations. Set up an appointment or call: (218) 766-2139

Students receiving accommodations are expected to meet with the Advising and Accommodations Coordinator each semester they wish to receive accommodations.

Contact: Christian Breczinski, Advising and Accommodations Coordinator

Office Hours: NTC Student Success Center
Currently only meeting online. Set up an appointment or call: (218) 766-2139

You may also find these documents to be helpful in explaining the process:

Documentation Criteria for Professional Documenting Disabilities

Northwest Technical College is accessible by ramps or doorways. Designated handicapped parking stalls are located near main entrances. Vehicles bearing a State Handicapped License are the only vehicles allowed to park in these spaces. Students with a temporary disability (e.g. broken leg) may obtain handicapped permits for a limited time from the receptionist. You must have a letter from a doctor for all temporary disability conditions and it must state the approximate length of the disability condition.