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Writing Styles – APA and MLA Resources

The Student Success Center Director and the Librarian have desk copies of The Little Seagull Handbook which provides more examples and guides to APA and MLA writing styles. Feel free to reach out to Librarian Paula DeMars (Room 307) for help in formatting your research or citing sources.

Copyright and Plagiarism

Copyright and Plagiarism are important legal statements ensuring the rights of any creator of original works.  Minnesota State Colleges and Universities provides a list of generalized Copyright Guidelines and a basic analysis tool for evaluating “fair use” of Copyright materials in education: Copyright Guidelines from Minnesota State,  Copyright Resources and Minnesota State Board Policy 3.26 Intellectual Property and Minnesota State Board Policy 3.27 Copyrights.

Creative Commons Licensing

Anything written, demonstrated, sung, played, acted, etc. is covered under the strict copyright laws of the U.S. Government. This includes ANYTHING on the internet. A Creative Commons License provides individuals or groups rights to share their original works, such as handbooks, workbooks for students and other engagements, providing multiple levels of extending permitted use of the original work while retaining copyright as the originator. Plagiarism is when ANYONE uses the work of another individual or group, even in paraphrasing a sentence, that is under copyright.

To permit students to use a workbook that you have created for them, you must provide students with the LICENSE to use the information. This is where it becomes helpful to use a Creative Commons License. Librarian Paula DeMars is certified in Creative Commons licensing.

Other unrestricted, free or otherwise online resources that are not reviewed by NTC staff