Summer 2024 begins on May 13 and ends July 9. All NTC Summer Session courses combined are considered only one term for financial aid, registration and billing purposes. Book charging at the on-campus bookstore will be April 15-May17. Summer financial aid offers will be processed beginning April 1 and summer disbursement will begin on May 24.

How to Apply for Summer Aid

  1. Register for all summer courses prior to submitting the NTC Summer Financial Aid Application.
  2. Have submitted a 2023-2024 FAFSA and any other required documents.
  3. Read the Summer Certification prior to completing the Summer FA Application.
  4. Complete the Summer 2024 Financial Aid Application.
  5. Meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress after spring semester.

If Your Summer Plans Change

Your Summer financial aid offer is based on the total credits that you are registered for as stated on your summer application. Your financial aid budget will be based on the number of weeks you are enrolled in classes. Your housing, transportation and personal expense budgets will be prorated for the length of time you are enrolled in classes.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office immediately if you do not end up taking the credits you indicated on the Summer FA Application. You may lose or have to repay your financial aid.

This would include dropping classes prior to the start date of the class, withdrawal from any or all classes, canceled classes or any other enrollment change.

Summer Pell Grant

Summer Federal Pell Grant may be available to undergraduate students who have not yet met their program limit. The award will depend on your enrollment for the Fall and Spring terms and how many credits you are enrolled in during the Summer.

You may be eligible for Summer Pell Grant in one of two ways.

  1. You are regularly eligible for a Pell Grant and were enrolled full-time in both the Fall and Spring semesters. To receive the Summer Pell Grant, you must take at least 6 credits (enrolled half-time) during the Summer term.
  2. You are regularly eligible for a Pell Grant and you were not enrolled full-time in the Fall or Spring semesters. To receive the Summer Pell Grant, you can take any number of credits during the Summer term.

Summer Employment

A number of departments hire students to work full-time over the summer. These positions can be rewarding and help build experience along with providing funds for your educational expenses. All students are hired through regular payroll funds during the summer. Students must either be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the Summer or enrolled for the Fall semester to be employed on campus during the summer.