Work Study positions offer the ability to develop relevant skills, provide a reliable source of income and have flexibility to accommodate the student’s class and extra-curricular schedules.

To see if you are eligible, complete the FAFSA then stop in, call or e-mail the Financial Aid Office before you apply for a position. The Financial Aid Office can verify if you are eligible and indicate your eligible earning potential.


Work study requirements and information:

  • A student gets paid every two weeks and earns $12.50/hour (effective August 18, 2021).
  • Cannot work more than 20 hrs. per week during fall and/or spring semesters. Students can work up to 40 hours over Christmas break and Spring break as long as the supervisor is available and the student has eligibility.
  • Student must have unmet need. Please see the Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify.
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credits.

You can search for job openings on the NTC’s Handshake program.

These funds are earned by working throughout the academic year; they will not be credited to your student bill unlike other aid programs. Your work study earnings will be processed bi-weekly on the student payroll system. The process to get paid involves completing an e-timesheet and, if you choose, setting up direct deposit. You can do this by logging into your e-Services account then clicking on “Financial Aid” then “Direct Deposit Setup.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Find your next job, internship or on-campus employment using NTC’s Handshake program that allows you to explore positions from over 200K employers. Discover full & part-time jobs, internship opportunities, career fairs & events and on-campus events.

Student worker position and job announcements should be emailed to

If you have never worked on campus before you will need to complete an employment packet (contains I-9 and W-4) at the NTC Business Services Office. Documents needed for identification include one of the following:

    • Passport or
    • Driver’s License/Picture ID and original Social Security Card or
    • Driver’s License/Picture ID and original or certified birth certificate

Submitting your e-Timesheet

Student employees get paid every two weeks based on this year’s payroll schedule found here on the Bemidji State website. The process to get paid involves completing an e-timesheet and, if you choose, setting up direct deposit to transfer your payroll check directly into your bank account. If you choose not to have your payroll check directly deposited into your bank account, the check will be mailed to your permanent address. It cannot be mailed to your local address or picked up. You can initiate and maintain direct deposit banking information through your NTC e-Services account.

Log in to your e-Services account and select Student Employment from the navigation on the left. Select Direct Deposit setup. Enter your bank information.

Student Employee Guide

This guide provides basic steps the student performs in their portion of the web based Student e-Time application. Student employees will use the Student Employment > Enter Time Worked option in e-Services to record their hours worked and submit them to their supervisor to review and approve each pay period.

The pay scale is as follows (hourly wage):

Starting August 18, 2021 the pay scale will be as follows:

1- 750 hours worked –  $12.50
751-1000 hours worked – $13.00
1001+ hours worked –  $13.50