Ordering your Campus Books

Ordering your Distance Books

Website Ordering Tips

  • Select – Search for your textbooks by ISBN
  • Select term, course department and then course number and section number. It is important to have a printout of your registered classes including course and section numbers. Various sections may have different books and materials based on faculty. Selecting an incorrect section could result in the wrong book shipped.
  • Select your book choices between new, used and rentals. Take time to review your choices to be sure that you have not selected more than one type of option for each book.
  • Add books to cart and proceed with checkout following the onscreen instructions.
  • You may charge your books to your NTC student account using your 8 digit student ID. This service is available to all students earning their degrees through NTC. Book charges are added to your account and you are responsible for payment to the college. Financial aid, scholarships and funding agencies may be applied to these costs.

To save shipping time and costs, books may also be picked up at the Follett Bookstore.

Bookstore: (218) 751-1987

Book Charging

All students who are registered for at least one NTC credit may charge their books at the Follett bookstore. Book charging is allowed each semester for approximately one month ending about the middle of the first week of classes. The cost of the books charged at the bookstore will be added to your NTC student account and must be paid either by financial aid funds or personal resources according to normal Business Services Office payment deadlines.