NTC Commencement 2019


Parking is available at the Sanford Center for no additional charge.


No tickets are needed for family or friends to attend. Seating is treated as a first come – first serve basis. Guests enter through Gate 2 with the exception of those guests that are handicapped and/or hearing impaired, they may enter through Gate 3.


If you are graduating this year, please report to the Sanford Center by 6:00 pm to prepare for the commencement ceremony.


Grad Images is the official photographer for our Commencement. Proofs will be sent to your home and via email within three to five days after graduation. Pictures can be ordered online, by phone or by mail. Grad Images can be contacted at 800-261-2576 or via email at www.gradimages.com

Registering your graduate with Grad Images provides them with information they need to deliver your graduation proofs in a timely manner. Giving them an accurate mailing address will allow them to get your proofs to you on the first try. You may also provide them with email addresses of up to six friends and family members to allow them to celebrate in the accomplishment.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff are invited to participate in the commencement ceremony, please report to the Sanford Center, Lakeview Room #7 by 6:00 p.m. to be included in the commencement march. You may enter through Gate 4.

Commencement March


The commencement march begins at 6:45, led by our Marshal.

We will be streaming the ceremony LIVE on May 10th starting at 7:00pm central time.

Planning for Commencement

  • Application for Graduation – All students must submit an application for graduation prior to March 8th to be included in the commencement booklet.  Student submitted applications for graduation after March 8th may participate in commencement, but may not be listed in the commencement booklet.  The application for graduation may also be found on the Records & Registration website.
  • Cap and Gown Information – All students are required to wear a black gown and cap with a tassel.  Students may purchase a cap, gown, and tassel from the Bookstore.
  • Commencement Booklet Information – A copy of the graduates names that will appear in the commencement booklet by degree and program can be found here. Please review to verify that your name and information is correct.  If you have questions, please e-mail: records@ntcmn.edu
  • Graduating with Honors – Students graduate with Honors distinction from programs of more than 12 credits who hold a final cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above.  For the purposes of commencement, the cumulative GPA after fall semester is used to determine honors for the commencement ceremony.  Official academic honors will be determined at the time of graduation, after all grades have been entered.  Students being recognized at commencement as graduating with Honors may pick up their honors medallions on May 10th beginning at 6:00 p.m.