College Readiness course placement is required for all students before they are allowed to register for classes.

Minnesota State College Readiness Pilot Program

NTC is currently participating in a pilot program for College Readiness placement authorized by the Minnesota State system that allows placement to be based on the same criteria that was approved per COVID-19 policy. This pilot program will run through September 2023.  Please contact Admissions for readiness placement information.

Beginning in September 2023 NTC will move to the new Multiple Measures College Readiness course placement as required by the Minnesota State system. If it benefits student course placement, NTC may default to Multiple Measures requirements during the pilot program time period. Upon acceptance to NTC the Admissions Office will determine course placement. Based on the evaluation results, students may be required to enroll in college readiness courses in English and/or Mathematics.

If you are seeking an appeal or a new course placement review based on previous scores or information about re-testing or have any other questions or concerns about course placement please contact Admissions.

The Accuplacer assessment is one tool that may be used when necessary to determine course placement. The Accuplacer is not a pass/fail test, but rather a tool for incoming students to help determine which college courses are appropriate.

The Accuplacer may not be necessary based on other evaluation options such as high school GPA, ACT/SAT test results or Self-Guided placement options…please contact Admissions with any questions concerning course placement.

If the Accuplacer is required, we strongly recommend preparing for the assessment, because doing well can reduce the number of classes you’ll need to graduate. Scoring higher on the assessment can allow a student to save significant amounts of time and money by testing out of developmental education courses. To help you prepare, check out the following resources:

Email to set up an Accuplacer test.