Your Records

At NTC we strive to keep your records secure, and follow established procedures and policies in releasing your information.

Directory information about all students that is deemed public and available to inquiries. Below is a listing of items that are deemed directory information at NTC per policy 2130-1-01 Directory Information: Public and Private Data.

  • Student name
  • Student enrollment status
    • enrolled
    • graduated
    • withdrawn
    • part-time
    • full-time
  • Program major
  • Dates of attendance
  • Student honors and awards

Limited Directory information is only eligible for release to Northwest Technical College Foundations for Foundation related-activites and/or external parties contractually affiliated with the College or as noted below. The following information has been designated as ‘Limited Directory Information’ at Northwest Technical College:

  • e-mail address (institutional, personal, work, etc.)
  • address
  • phone number
  • Star ID

All other information that Records & Registration stores about students is confidential and can only be released with the written consent of the student.

If you desire to hold directory information (as listed above) confidential, you need to complete the Do Not Release form and return it to the Records & Registration Office at the time you register.

Disadvantages of Restricting Data

If you restrict directory information, the restriction remains in effect until you formally notify the Records Office in writing to remove it, even after you graduate or cease enrollment.  Some learners have experienced considerable inconvenience by restricting their directory information as Northwest Technical College is unable to verify degrees earned, dates of attendance, or enrollment status to any third parties (including future employers) while the restriction is in effect.

For more information please see our campus policy Privacy of Education Records.

Accessing & Updating Your Records