Program Review documentation

Program Review and Student Learning Outcome Rotation

Program Review Rotation

Dental Assisting will also complete their 2022 Program Review following their November, 2022 Accreditation visit with CODA. Their Program Review will assess academic years 2019 thru 2021, not the 2020-2023 being assessed by the scheduled group review.

Policies and Forms

Program Review Documentation Folder

  • In the NTC-HLC Team there is a filing system where the combined 3-year period of each Program Review as the first part of the folder title, and the semester the Review is completed is the last part of the title.
  • These Folders are added for each program coming up for a Program Review. For example, for those doing Program Review in Spring 2022 a Program Review folder has been inserted in the program channel so that evidence can be added as it is accumulated.
  • Any filing in the Program Review folder should identify similarly, placing the title of the document being filed under the “Title of the Assessment” and using a current date under “When you will assess“. The filing nomenclature looks like this:
Program Review File Naming

Please note: If a file is listed with other similar report files the Program Code should be added after “AY”

2019-2020 AY AMST 3-year Program Review, Spring 2022