NTC Parking Permits

Parking permits are required in NTC lots. NTC honors Bemidji State University permits in NTC lots. Permits may be purchased in the NTC Business Office at the following rate:

2024-2025 School year: $69.56 (includes tax)

2023-2024 School year: $66.88 (includes tax)

BSU Green Permits

BSU Green permits are valid in NTC parking lots and BSU green lots. BSU Green lots include the following: Bangsberg, Lake Boulevard and PE. Permits may be purchased in the NTC Business Office at the following rate:

2022-23 School Year: $208.20 (includes tax)

Refunds for parking permits will not be prorated. A refund for a complete semester may be received if the permit is returned to the NTC Business Office within 5 days after the beginning of a semester.

Lost or stolen permits may be replaced for one half the value of a permit. Lost or stolen parking permits will be reported to the BSU Department of Public Safety. If a vehicle is parked in campus lots displaying a reported stolen permit, the person in possession of the permit may be charged with a violation of Minnesota State Statutes.


All motor vehicles that park on campus during the academic year are required to display a current permit for the area in which they will be parked. In order to purchase a parking permit, the vehicle must be pre-registered online (see instructions below) or at the NTC Business Office, Room 130, (218) 333-6614. The make, model, color and license state/number of the vehicle is required for pre-registration. Upon completion of the parking permit pre-registration and payment of the permit, a parking permit will be issued. Registration is considered complete when the permit is properly displayed on the vehicle. Proper display is considered as being attached to the rear view mirror with numbers facing windshield so permit is clearly visible.
Please read the following instructions on how to pre-register for your permit online:

  1. On page 1, begin by selecting the permit you wish to purchase (permits and pricing are listed on this page).
  2. Fill in the required information on pages 2-4. Some fields are mandatory including your license plate number, model, make and color so please have this information ready before you begin.
  3. Your pre-registration is now complete. In order to complete registration, payment must be made with the NTC Business Office, Room 130, (218) 333-6614.

Important Note: Pre-registration does not guarantee you a permit and your registration is not complete until payment is received at the Business Office. Several permits have limited availability and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registrations older than 30 days are subject to be removed from the database. Begin your online pre-registration.

Parking Regulations

View additional information on parking permits, violations, appeals, immobilization, towing and other parking considerations.


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