Verification of enrollment is generally needed by insurance companies, credit card companies, scholarship agencies, rental management companies, Canadian student loan offices and for loan deferment (see below). The Records Office completes these forms following Student Data Privacy Act guidelines.

Enrollment Verification

When enrollment verification is needed by a student, the requests needs to be forwarded, with the appropriate information and submitted to NTC One Stop Services. It will be processed within one week.

Enrollment Verification for Loan Deferments

Loan deferment requests should be submitted to NTC One Stop Services. NTC processes deferments through the National Student Clearinghouse by providing them with student enrollment information throughout the semester. We notify the Clearinghouse once a month, beginning 10 class days after the start of the term. The Clearinghouse notifies a student’s lender(s) of their enrollment status. This process can take two (2) to four (4) weeks.

The National Student Clearinghouse website has a link for students with questions regarding the deferment process, as well as a Loan Locator, which lets students know who their lender(s) are.

Below is a list of what information the Records & Registration Office can provide with or without a student’s consent.

Information Provided Without a Student’s Written Consent

  • Student Status (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Enrollment Status (if enrolled or not enrolled)
  • Credit Load (Full-time, Half-Time, Less than Half-Time)
  • Majors/Minors
  • Degree Information
  • Estimated Tuition/Fees/Expenses

Information Provided ONLY With a Student’s Written Consent

  • Number of credits attempted, earned or currently being taken
  • GPA
  • Grades
  • Specific courses taken by student