Shawn Graupmann Pursues Career as a Construction Electrician at NTC

Shawn Graupmann standing next to an electrical box

After facing his second layoff in less than 10 years in the production industry, Shawn Graupmann was ready for a career change. With the support of his wife and two young children, Graupmann made the decision to return to school and pursue a degree in electrical construction at Northwest Technical College.

Diversity, Inclusion and Opportunity Lead Ester Olson to NTC

Moving from the country of Brazil, after marrying a local citizen, to study, live and thrive in Northern Minnesota may seem like a tough feat for some. But for Ester Olson, a student at Northwest Technical College, it has been a welcoming and encouraging experience.

Family Trade and Concern for the Environment leads Jon Barcenas to NTC

After spending three years working construction with his grandfather in France and Switzerland, Bemidji native Jon Barcenas decided to match his passion for the environment with his skill in construction by pursuing a career in sustainable environment technology at Northwest Technical College.