Affirmative Action Office

We utilize a comprehensive model that addresses the unique compliance, recruitment, education, and retention needs of Northwest Technical College. It is our goal to become transformative, anti-racist, inclusive, and equitable in our access to opportunities, talen development, and outcomes for our employees.

It is Northwest Technical College’s policy to provide an employment environment free of any form of discriminatory harassment as prohibited by federal, state, and local human rights laws. We are committee to providing equal employment opportunities and the best possible service to all Minnesotans.

Affirmative Action Model

Director of Civil Rights and Affirmative Action

Nicholas Taylor
Location: Northwest Technical College, Room 311
Phone: 218-755-4053
Office Email:


2022-2023 Priorities

  • Implement 2022-2024 Affirmative Action plan
  • Evaluative Praxis
  • Diverse Recruitment Catalog
  • Training Program
  • Equity-Minded Position Description

Minnesota State Law

43A.19 Affirmative Action 

“To assure that positions in the executive branch of the civil service are equally accessible to all qualified persons, and to eliminate the underutilization of qualified members of protected groups, the commissioner shall adopt and periodically revise, if necessary, a statewide affirmative action program.”  

Minnesota State Board Policy

1B.2 – Affirmative Action in Employment

“Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is committed to and supports aggressive affirmative action steps and programs intended to remedy the historical underrepresentation of persons of color, women, and persons with disabilities in the workforce.”