Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Sexual violence is prohibited within Minnesota State including Northwest Technical College. To effectively and efficiently address sexual violence prevention, intervention and response education, three departments across campus have unified leveraging a practical framework. The Investigation Office, the Student Center for Health and Counseling and the Department of Athletics all have important responsibilities in addressing sexual violence.

Our Purpose

Campus sexual and relationship violence are serious public health issues that adversely affect college and university students because students cannot learn in an atmosphere in which they do not feel safe. Sexual and relationship violence comprise a continuum of behaviors that include, sexual/gender harassment, sexual coercion, sexual abuse, stalking, sexual assault and rape. Victims/survivors of sexual and relationship violence may experience barriers to academic success, lower graduation rates, health problems, persistent mental health issues and fear of retaliation.

How We do the Work

We do this work by providing sexual violence prevention education, confidential support for survivors and supportive measures for students and employees. We collaborate with campus and community organizations to offer training, events and innovative community engagement strategies to create a campus free from violence.

We implement mandatory sexual violence prevention training for all students and continue to provide optional learning and professional development throughout the academic year. We implement best practices to prevent sexual violence and harassment. All student-athletes, coaches and athletic department staff receive annual education on sexual violence prevention, intervention and response.

Service with Intentionality

It is with intentionality that we serve students, faculty and staff. We have specialized services that center specific group.


On Campus:

Student Center for Health and Counseling
Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Services: Medical services, counseling, health education, self-help resources
Phone:  (218) 755-2053

Investigation Office
Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Services: Sexual violence training, restorative justice training, complaint procedural training, investigation

Public Safety Office 
Services: Safety response
Phone: (218) 755-3888

Off Campus:

Support Within Reach Sexual Violence Resource Center
Phone: 800-708-2727

Suicide Prevention
Phone: 800-422-0045

Bemidji Police Department 
Phone: (218) 333-9111

Sanford Medical Center: Emergency Room
Phone: (218) 751-5430