General Availability (coming soon)

  • Becoming an Ally Parts 1 & 2
  • Building Anti-racist Culture in Your Organization
  • Communication for Inclusion
  • Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring
    • Pt. 1: Developmental Network
    • Pt. 2: Relational Mentoring
    • Pt. 3: Combating Bias as a Mentor
  • Engagement with Diversity
  • Pronouns and Safe Spaces (coming soon)
  • Supporting Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions
  • Affirmative Action 101 Video

Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

Employee Onboarding (coming soon)

  • Sensitivity Awareness
  • Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace
  • Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Staff
  • Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff
  • Title IX: Roles of Employees

Search Committee Training (coming soon)

  • Skills for Members of Search Committees (required)
  • The Influence of Unconscious Bias (required)

Supervisor Training (coming soon)

  • Conducting Job Interviews (required)
  • Discrimination: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices (required)
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors (required)
  • Retaliation Liability (required)
  • The Influence of Unconscious Bias in Decision Making (required)