Pinning Ceremony

Pinning Ceremonies are held near the end of the nursing student’s academic journey in their program. It is a time for the students, family, friends, faculty, and educational partners, to come together in celebration of achievement. Pinning Ceremonies are held separately from graduation, and before the student sits for their licensure exam.

Around 1860, Florence Nightingale was awarded the Royal Red Cross of St. George in recognition for her service during the Crimean War. After establishing her own nursing training program, Florence presented a medal of excellence to her own student in homage to the award she received. Over time, hospitals began awarding pins to recognize their students’ completion of academic requirements with a specially designed pin to represent the institution.Today, colleges and universities in the United States and England continue to hold pinning ceremonies to recognize the graduate’s achievement and transition into the nursing profession. The pin also signifies membership into a society of nurses; an estimated 29 million nurses worldwide and nearly 4 million in the US

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