Admission Process

Program Start

Practical Nursing is a one-year, campus-based program that accepts applications one time per year with a fall term start.  Students may earn a Diploma in Practical Nursing and take the practical nursing exam (NCLEX-PN) after completion of the program.

Application to Northwest Technical College (NTC) and application to the Practical Nursing program are separate.  Application to NTC may be submitted at any time.  Applications for the Practical Nursing program will be accepted May 1 – June 26, 2020.

Admission to NTC

Step 1 — Complete the Online Application and pay the $20 application fee.

Step 2 — Send Northwest Technical College your high school transcript or GED.

Step 3 — Forward all official transcripts from the colleges you have attended. We can automatically access transcripts from any Minnesota State college or university.  All transcripts must be available in the NTC Admissions Office by June 19, 2020 to be considered for admittance to the Practical Nursing Diploma major.

Admission to NTC does not guarantee admission to the Practical Nursing major. Practical Nursing Program application has separate requirements, outlined below.

Application to Practical Nursing Diploma Major

Application window for Fall 2020: May 1 – June 26, 2020.

Admission to the Practical Nursing major is a separate process from admission to NTC. Admission to the Practical Nursing major is required in order to enroll in PNSG nursing courses.

Application to the Practical Nursing major consists of the following steps:

  • Complete all admission requirements of NTC no later than Friday, June 19, 2020.
    • This includes receipt of application, application fee, and supporting documents
  • Official transcripts from other post-secondary schools must be available in the NTC Admissions office by Friday, June 19, 2020
  • Complete the Accuplacer prior to Friday, June 19, 2020 Accuplacer Registration
    • Complete all areas: Math, reading, writing, and any recommended college readiness courses prior to fall semester
    • Pass all college readiness courses with the grade of “C” or greater. (Added 3/12/19)
  • Complete application to Practical Nursing program between May 1 and June 26, 2020
  • Take TEAS test on or before Friday, June 19, 2019.
  • Submit proof of Nursing Assistant course completion to NTC before July 31, 2020
    • Preference given to applicants with Nursing Assistant course completed by June 26, 2020
    • Successful course completion (C grade or higher) is required
    • Course completion must be within last 5 years
    • Submit Nursing Assistant documentation to Lisa Hanson via email or fax. Email:; Fax: 218-333-6697
Nursing Assistant Pre-requisite Guidelines:

Completing the HLTH 1110 course at NTC meets the Nursing Assistant pre-requisite.  Your NTC transcript, showing a grade of A, B, or C (D is not accepted), is all the documentation that is needed.  If you took the class previously, be aware that course completion must be within five years of your expected program start date.

Other acceptable means of meeting the Nursing Assistant pre-requisite for the nursing programs are below.  Documentation may consist of:

  • Transcript or official course completion certificate from an approved training program showing successful completion of a Nursing Assistant course within five years of planned program start
  • Copy of your Nursing Assistant Registry certificate from an appropriate regulatory agency (State Department of Health) dated within five years of planned program start

Documentation should be submitted to NTC Admissions.

Contact Admissions at 218-333-6600 or

Admission to the Practical Nursing Diploma Major

Admission to the nursing major is competitive and limited. Admission is dependent on the number of applications and evidence of meeting the following requirements:

  • Pre-requisite courses must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher (C- grades are not accepted) by June 19, 2020. Applications will not be accepted if pre-requisite courses are in progress.
    • BIOL 2252 Anatomy & Physiology I (3 cr.)
    • ENGL 1111 College Writing I (3 cr.)
  • A GPA of 2.76 or above, based on nursing program pre-requisite* and co-requisite** courses is required; GPA is not an independent criterion for admission. NOTE: Grades received in Nursing Assistant and CPR courses are not calculated in the nursing GPA.


    • BIOL 2252 Anatomy & Physiology I
    • ENGL 1111 College Writing I


    • BIOL 2254 Anatomy & Physiology II
    • PSYC 2201 Developmental Psychology
  • Students on current academic probation or suspension will not be considered for program admission
  • Students with financial holds will not be considered for program admission
  • Students already enrolled in another Practical Nursing program will not be considered for program admission

Applications will be reviewed immediately after the June 26, 2020 deadline. The Nursing office will notify applicants of their status. Results are anticipated to be emailed by July 15, 2020. Applicants are responsible for the completion of the requirements and the cost of the testing.

Additional Requirements for Program/Clinical Eligibility

Students must attend the all-day Welcome to Nursing Orientation, tentatively held July 22, 2020.

Clinical requirements must be met prior to program start unless otherwise directed. Accepted nursing candidates who fail to comply with these requirements may be dismissed. Students are responsible for all fees and screening costs.

  • Background studies: Information for completing background studies will be provided after admission. Clear background studies must be on file prior to program start. Any student who is not cleared to provide direct patient care will not be permitted to participate in clinical experiences, thereby rendering the individual ineligible to progress in the nursing program and qualify for a degree in nursing.
  • American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Provider/Healthcare Provider CPR certification: Accepted candidates must provide a photocopy of current card/certificate. Certification must be maintained throughout program progression. Note: AHA Heartsaver courses do not meet this requirement and will not be accepted.
  • Drug Screening: A growing number of clinical facilities are requiring drug screening for student placement. This is an increasing trend in clinical contractual agreements, and prospective students should expect the likelihood that it will be required. If a clinical site’s contract stipulates drug screening, students placed at that facility will be required to undergo a multi-panel drug screen according to the site’s requirements. NOTE: Do not complete drug screening until/unless instructed.
  • Upon receiving a candidate’s RSVP accepting a seat in the program, the Nursing department will email instructions and detailed information regarding requirements and submission of documentation.  Do not send immunization information to the Nursing department.
  • Documentation submitted will be monitored for appropriate CPR certification, required immunizations, and current tuberculosis screening. Detailed requirements may be found here – NTC Eligibility & Documentation Requirements

Before Admission

College readiness courses: A student may be required to enroll in college readiness courses in reading, writing, and math. A student’s scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in college readiness courses. The purpose of college readiness courses is to prepare students for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary. Any readiness courses must be completed before program start. Any readiness courses must be passed with the grade of “C” or greater. (Added 3/12/19)



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