Separating From NTC

Resignation Procedures

  1. Employees are required to give written notification to Human Resources and to their supervisor/dean of intent to resign.
  2. Consult with Human Resources staff well in advance so that you are informed about termination of your pay and benefits, the opportunity to continue coverage (COBRA), retirement fund options, and policies about payoff of unused leave balances.

Termination of Employment

Refer to your bargaining agreement or personnel plan for specific details regarding termination of employment. See Bargaining Agreements or Personnel Plans.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities for Separating Employees

  1. As soon as possible the supervisor/dean must provide Human Resources with a completed CPD/UPD along with the original written separation notice provided by the employee.
  2. Exit Interview Checklist – Please contact Carol Hess in Human Resources, 218-755-2445.  This checklist covers such things as:
    • Ensuring any state property has been returned such as keys, laptops, cell phones etc.
    • Ensuring a final timesheet has been completed, signed and submitted to HR(if applicable).
    • Transfer of electronic data before the employee departs. After the employee leaves, supervisor/dean will NOT be granted access and computers will be scrubbed.
    • Forwarding e-mail to another active account, if applicable.
    • Ensuring that the departing employee’s access to any and all secured systems is terminated.

(The above list is not all inclusive, see actual checklist for details)

General Departing Procedure

  1. An employee who is retiring or choosing to end employment, must submit, to his/her Supervisor/Dean, a written, signed and dated letter indicating his/her intent to separate from the institution, including their last day of employment and any other applicable information. Note: Adjunct, fixed term, temporary employees, or externally funded appointments where funding is ending, who fulfill their appointment do not need to submit a letter.
  2. Employee (other than adjuncts or temporary hires) should meet with Carol Hess in Human Resources to discuss benefits, other issues, and complete the Exit Interview Checklist. Note: This step may not be required in all situations, contact HR if unsure.
  3. Employee should turn in any state property in his/her possession. Items that may be state property include:
    • Keys (return to Security)
    • Bemidji State University/Northwest Technical College ID card to be destroyed by Human Resources
    • Computers, laptops, PDAs, cell phones, etc. (turn in to computer services)
    • Library materials (return to A.C. Clark Library)
    • Purchasing cards (turn in to Business Office)
    • Corporate cards (turn in to Finance & Administration)
  4. Employee should work with Supervisor to ensure transfer of electronic data before the employee departs.
  5. Employee/Supervisor may should contact IT Services.
  6. Employee should provide a forwarding address, if applicable, through the Employee Self-Service web site or directly to Human Resources.
  7. Employee should cancel or provide a new mailing address to any magazine subscriptions, professional journals, or other personal mail that s/he may be receiving at a Bemidji State University/NTC address.

PLEASE NOTE: Any travel advances must be repaid to the university. The employee’s final paycheck may be withheld if the employee owes money to the university due to an unsettled advance.

Special Circumstances

For special circumstance or any situations not specifically addressed in this section, contact Human Resources for further information and assistance.