AAS — Early Childhood Education Careers

If you’re interested in a career teaching young children, the Early Childhood Education Careers program at Northwest Technical College will prepare you for a variety of opportunities. You’ll learn how to provide a safe, healthy, developmentally and culturally appropriate educational environment for children from birth through age 8.

This 60-credit Associate of Applied Science degree provides comprehensive preparation for students to work in a variety of child care settings. Courses not only establish a strong foundation in such areas as healthy child development and learning, but also focus on such areas as working with children who have special needs or challenging behavior, observing and assessing children’s development, supporting infant and toddler learning in a variety of settings and providing a developmentally appropriate environment for school-age children. A preschool internship or advanced field experience is included.


Childcare is the third largest industry in Minnesota, and the opportunities are vast across the nation as well. Graduates may choose to specialize areas, such as: Infant-toddler, preschool, school-age, children with special needs, family child care, nanny or administration. You will also qualify to work as a paraeducator in a school setting.

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  1. Job Placement Rate:
  2. Average Salary in MN
    $25,542/yr (1)
  3. Job Openings in MN, Next Decade
    48,284+ (1)

data from: NTC Career Services; Minnesota DEED. (1) for job category Childcare Workers


Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
ECED 1101Health, Wellness, and Nutrition3.00
ECED 1104Child Growth and Development3.00
ECED 1114Diverse Children and Family Relations3.00
ECED 1116Behavior Guidance3.00
ECED 1135Creative Activities and Environments3.00
ECED 1138Observing & Assessing3.00
ECED 1107Intro to Early Childhood Education3.00
ECED 1111Practicum I3.00
ECED 2208Infant and Toddler Learning Experience3.00
ECED 2222School Age Development2.00
ECED 2224Introduction to Language and Literacy3.00
ECED 2230Introduction to Special Education3.00
ECED 2237Parent & Professional Relations2.00
ECED 2240Practicum II3.00
ENGL 1111College Writing I3.00
SGNL 1100American Sign Language (ASL) I4.00
SGNL 2100American Sign Language (ASL) II4.00
PSYC 1105General Psychology3.00
COMM 1102Applied Communications3.00
Total Credits60