Student Learning Outcomes

Early Childhood Education Careers – AAS

  • Examine and demonstrate and understanding of developmental stages of children, ages prenatal through eight
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health, safety, and nutrition requirements in child care programs
  • Examine and evaluate early childhood career options
  • Establish and maintain supportive collaborative relationships with children, families, professionals, and the community
  • Communicate effectively with children, families, and coworkers
  • Create and/or implement developmentally and culturally appropriate learning experiences for children based on age/developmental stage
  • Recognize and demonstrate understanding of diverse family situations and identify appropriate resources
  • Apply appropriate guidance strategies for children based on knowledge of developmental stages
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the care and planning for children with special needs
  • Demonstrate understanding of indicator and reporting procedures of abuse and neglect
  • Demonstrate appropriate relationships with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children, birth through age eight
  • Plan and implement an appropriate program for identified age/developmental level
  • Apply observation skills to develop an appropriate assessment
  • Demonstrate understanding of underlying causes of and develop appropriate strategies for challenging behaviors