Degrees & Credentials

Diploma- Plumbing Technology

The Plumbing Technology program prepares the student to begin their career in the plumbing professions. Coursework provides the student with a technical knowledge and skills development by integrating theory and practical experience. The successful graduate is eligible for earned hours towards state apprenticeship requirements and employment in an advanced apprenticeship level in the residential plumbing industry.


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Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
SSCI 1104Human Relations3.00
MATH 1200Mathematics of Business and Industry3.00
PLBG 1000Introduction to Plumbing Technology3.00
PLBG 1001Introduction to Plumbing Technology Lab.00
PLBG 1055Plumbing Code Interpretation4.00
PLBG 1085Piping System Fabrication I4.00
PLBG 1086Piping System Fabrication I Lab.00
PLBG 1091Plumbing Design and Installation I4.00
PLBG 1092Plumbing Design and Installation I Lab.00
PLBG 1145Piping Systems Fabrication II4.00
PLBG 1146Piping Systems Fabrication II Lab.00
PLBG 1147Plumbing Design and Installation II4.00
PLBG 1148Plumbing Design and Installation II Lab.00
PLBG 1155Plumbing Repair and Service Technology4.00
PLBG 1156Plumbing Repair and Service Technology Lab.00
PLBG 2151Hydronic Design and Controls4.00
PLBG 2152Hydronic Design and Controls Lab.00
Total Credits