AS — Healthcare Sciences Broad Field

This 60-credit Associate of Science (AS) degree includes a broad base of general education courses with a concentration of 12 technical electives, which are selected with the counsel of an academic adviser. Students gain a strong professional foundation with college-level courses in writing, public speaking, biology, chemistry, algebra, statistics, general psychology, sociology and other general courses. All coursework is helpful for gaining acceptance into a baccalaureate program or to pursue an additional associate degree. Students also have the flexibility to complete coursework online or on campus. Online students have access to daytime technical support and online tutorials and training.


Graduates of this flexible program have the opportunity to be employed in a wide variety of fields, depending on your occupational goals and courses of study. Visit for additional employment information in all areas.

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Next Steps

Graduates of this degree program will work closely with an academic adviser to plan an academic and career path that best meets their goals. Most graduates eventually apply to a baccalaureate program or pursue an additional associate degree at NTC.

College Readiness

A student may be required to enroll in college readiness courses in reading, writing and math. A student’s scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in college readiness courses. The purpose of college readiness courses is to prepare students for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary.

Degree Requirements

Course # Course Name Credit
Goal Area 1 – Communication
ENGL 1111 College Writing I 3.00
SPCH 1110 Intro to Public Speaking 3.00
Goal Area 3 – Natural Sciences
BIOL 1111 General Biology 4.00
CHEM 1100 Intro to Chemistry 4.00
Goal Area 4 – Math Logic
MATH 1110 College Algebra 3.00
MATH 2200 Statistics 3.00
Goal Area 5 – History Social Sciences
PSYC 1105 General Psychology 3.00
PSYC 2201 Developmental Psychology 3.00
SOCI 1110 Intro to Sociology 3.00 or
PSYC 2250 Social Psychology 3.00
Goal Area 6 – Humanities – Fine Arts
PHIL 1201 Ethics 3.00
Required Courses
BIOL 2130 Principles of Nutrition 3.00
BIOL 2221 Microbiology 3.00
BIOL 2252 Anatomy & Physiology I 3.00
BIOL 2254 Anatomy & Physiology II 3.00
BIOL 2256 Advanced Physiology 2.00
HLTH 1000 Introduction to Health Careers 2.00
Select a minimum of 12 technical elective credits with the help of an advisor that are most suited for the students intended health sciences baccalaureate major will be recommended. Some options that students at NTC have considered are
ADMM 1125 US Healthcare Systems 3.00
ANTH 1110 Cultural Anthropology 3.00
CDEV 1102 Parent & Professional Relations 3.00
CDEV 1104 Child Development and Learning 3.00
CDEV 1114 Society/Family Dynamics 3.00
CDEV 1126 Careers in Early Childhood 1.00
CDEV 2202 Abuse and Neglect 2.00
CMHW 1000 Advocacy, Outreach & Communication 3.00
CMHW 1100 Community, Capacity Building & Teaching 3.00
CMHW 1200 Legal/Ethical Implications of the CHW 3.00
CMHW 1300 Health Promotion 3.00
COMM 1102 Applied Communications 3.00
HLTH 1106 Medical Terminology 2.00
HLTH 1110 Nursing Assistant 3.00
GERO 1100 Intro to Gerontology 3.00
GERO 1200 Biology of Aging 3.00
GERO 1230 Healthy Aging 3.00
GERO 1250 Dementia and Alzheimers 3.00
GERO 1300 Death and Dying 3.00
GERO 1305 Psychosocial Aspects of Aging 3.00
HLTH 2002 Pharmacology 2.00
HLTH 2208 Pathophysiology 3.00
HPER 1410 First Aid / CPR 1.00
HPER 2200 CPR Healthcare Provider 1.00
MATH 1930 Introduction to Mathematical Sciences 3.00
PHIL 2210 Bioethical Issues in Contemporary Society 3.00
PSYC 2220 Abnormal Psychology 3.00
PSYC 2250 Social Psychology 3.00
SGNL 1100 American Sign Language (ASL) I 4.00
SGNL 2100 American Sign Language (ASL) II 4.00
SOCI 1110 Intro to Sociology 3.00
SSCI 1104 Human Relations 3.00
Total Credits: 60

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