NTC realizes there is an untapped market in entry-level caretakers for healthy aging and home care. It will not only improve the pride that entry-level employees have in the work they do, but will carry over into job loyalty and professionalism. With a workforce that can assist in healthy aging and close the healthcare gap that currently exists, we can increase quality of care and employee retention in a field that traditionally sees high burnout and high turnover rates.

Next Steps

The Gerontology & Aging Care Certificate prepares graduates as health care paraprofessionals or offers a pathway to advance an academic career in other health- and social services-related fields such as social work, nursing, medical assistant, activities director and more.

College Readiness

Please contact the Admissions office for information concerning college readiness requirements for this program.

Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
GERO 1100Intro to Gerontology3.00
GERO 1200Biology of Aging3.00
GERO 1230Healthy Aging3.00
GERO 1250Dementia and Alzheimers3.00
GERO 1300Death and Dying3.00
GERO 1305Psychosocial Aspects of Aging3.00
Total Credits: 18

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