Degrees & Credentials

Diploma — Dental Assisting

This 45-credit diploma prepares graduates to become a chair-side dental clinician qualified to assist dentists in a variety of dental practices or advance to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. For more information about this credential, go to the Diploma — Dental Assisting page.

AAS — Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting graduates enter a growing field of employment opportunities as the need for dental care continues to increase in the United States. Most assistants work with general dentists, although positions are also available with orthodontists, oral/maxilofacial surgeons and other dental specialists. Other employers include public health and government clinics, military dental services, dental schools, allied dental education programs, the retail and wholesale dental industry, and insurance and consulting companies. Dental practices often offer attractive compensation packages and excellent work schedules in a pleasant work environment. Dental assistants work in a variety of settings and have one of the most flexible and in-demand roles on a dental team. For more information about this credential, go to the AAS — Dental Assisting page.

The Dental Assistant

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