Program Learning Outcomes

Emerging Computer Technology AAS

  • Apply customer service skills
  • Develop technical/procedural documentation
  • Implement PC hardware/software installation to meet the user’s needs
  • Troubleshoot PCs operating systems and software applications
  • Apply technical support and end user training skills
  • Apply database concepts, design, and construction
  • Demonstrate understanding of data communications and information systems
  • Implement, administer, and troubleshoot information systems
  • Apply leadership and supervisory skills
  • Apply computer skills accurately to office task using a variety of computer application programs
  • Apply the principles of grammar, punctuation, and spelling while composing, editing, and proof-reading memos, letters, and other business documentation
  • Calculate commonly occurring business-related functions, including basic accounting
  • Investigate and utilize the latest trends in Web communication technology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of computer networking and security basics
  • Apply college-level writing skills
  • Solve algebraic equations and functions
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic principles and theories of human behavior and mental processes
  • Present effective oral presentations to an audience