Emergency Notification System

NTC Alert

NTC Alert is how the university shares important information about campus closures and NTC/neighborhood emergencies as soon as they happen. During an emergency or campus closure, university officials will send communication to students, employees and registered community members with the location, specific emergency and recommended safety measures. The message(s) will be brief and to the point with additional information being disseminated through an all-community email as soon as it is available.

If you have any questions, please send an email to publicsafety@bemidjistate.edu or call 218.755.3888

Students & Employees

Students and employees automatically receive NTC Alert notifications on the NTC official email accounts. Get emergency news instantly that affects you and your safety. Students and employees are automatically enrolled into NTC Alert. Data is collected from E-services, so students and employees should ensure their information is correct.

  1. Decide how you want to receive important emergency alerts- text, voice call and/other other personal email accounts.
  2. Students: Log into MyNTC, click on E-services, click on Account Management and then click on Address Info. Employees: log into MyNTC, go to settings in the upper right corner and click on Directory/Contact Info.
  3. View and add your contact preferences, which may include cell or work numbers for voice and text, as well as additional email accounts.

By viewing and adding your contact preferences, you will get important and timely information how you want to receive it.

Neighbors & Non-NTC Students & Employees

NTC Alert can also share information with our neighbors and non-NTC students and employees who do not work or attend on campus.