Certificate — Community Health Worker

This 16-credit certificate provides a blend of classroom and field-based learning. Coursework includes advocacy and outreach; community, capacity building and teaching, communications, competence and legal/ethical implications of community health work; and health promotion competencies. Graduates will also complete a community health worker internship in order to gain hands-on experience. The program is offered online with one-two synchronous, virtual meetings. Students have the opportunity to select an internship site in their own community.



Community health care paraprofessionals work with individuals and communities to advocate for patients and create community programs that provide or maintain health. Demand for community health workers is expected to grow through the next decade, as are jobs in a variety of health-related career paths. Job titles include community health advocate, health outreach worker, assistant director of nutrition and wellness programs, public health worker, community health adviser, community health program coordinator or community health worker for patients in need of HIV testing (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or HIV counseling.

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Scholarship Opportunity

The Minnesota community Health Worker Alliance, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health is offering 90 Scholarships starting in Fall 2023 to strengthen and diversify the public health workforce by training new Community Health Workers. Apply now for the Community Health Worker Certificate scholarship or view instructions for how to apply.

Next Steps

The Community Health Worker Certificate prepares graduates as health care paraprofessionals or offers a pathway to advance an academic career in other health- and social services-related fields such as community health, nursing, medical assistant and more.

Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
CMHW 1000Community Health Worker Role, Advocacy, Outreach & Resources3.00
CMHW 1100Health Communication, Teaching & Capacity Building3.00
CMHW 1200Documentation, Legal & Ethical Issues in Community Health Work3.00
CMHW 1300Health Promotion5.00
CMHW 1400Community Health Worker Internship2.00
Total Credits16