Diploma — Automotive Service and Performance

Automotive service technicians work in an exciting and rapidly changing industry. Students in this program will receive training in the many service and diagnostic procedures necessary to maintain our nation on wheels. They train in modern laboratories equipped with current service and testing equipment. Opportunities for advancement may include factory and dealer representatives, management and self-employment.


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Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
AMST 1000Intro to Automotive Repair2.00
AMST 1002Introduction to Automotive Electrical/Electronics4.00
AMST 1003Engine Theory/Service4.00
AMST 1016Brakes4.00
AMST 1104Power Train Systems4.00
AMST 1105Steering, Suspension and Alignment4.00
AMST 1130Automotive Electrical II4.00
AMST 1220Automatic Transmissions and HP Drivelines4.00
AMST 1330Advanced Engine Performance/HP Fuels4.00
AMST 2113Heating Ventilation A/C2.00
AMST 2214Automotive Welding2.00
AMST 2216Engine Performance2.00
AMST 2217Engine Performance Lab4.00
AMST 2220Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles2.00
AMST 2230Light Duty Diesels3.00
AMST 2236Dyno Testing and Tuning2.00
AMST 2244Drivability and Forced Induction Systems4.00
AMST 2800Simulated Shop4.00
COMM 1102Applied Communications3.00
HLTH 1410First Aid / CPR1.00
MATH 1200Mathematics of Business and Industry3.00
Total Credits66