Student Senate Makes Campus Welcoming for All

2023-24 Student Senate Members
L-R: Eve Hansen, Kyler Patterson, Danika David, Elle Wilkerson, not pictured: Brooklyn Borwege

The five students serving on Northwest Technical College’s Student Senate have an important job – supporting other campus clubs, coordinating student events and allocating funds for worthwhile projects that benefit the entire campus. Student Senate acts as a resource for NTC students and is advised by two NTC professional staff. 

We sat down with this year’s senators to learn more about Student Senate.

2023-24 NTC Student Senate 

Elle Wilkerson 
Senate President
Blue Earth, Minn.
Commercial Refrigeration 

Brooklyn Borwege
Vice President
Walker, Minn.

Eve Hansen
Taylors Falls, Minn.
Electrical Construction 

Danika David
Nevis, Minn.

Kyler Patterson
Public Relations
Ponemah, Minn.

What does Student Senate do?  

Eve: “It’s an advocacy group for NTC students, by NTC students, to support student interests at the school.” 

Elle: “We’re a campus community group that plans events, has fun and tries to better NTC while we’re at it.” 

Why did you get involved in Senate? 

Kyler: “I felt like I wanted to do more on campus. It was a heat of the moment thing, but I’m really enjoying it.” 

Elle: “I got involved from a past Student Senate advisor. I realized I could help people, and I really like volunteering.”

What Senate project are you most proud of? 

Elle: “Last year we upgraded the NTC Free Store, now called The Market. I got to choose the design for it. I feel pride in my chest whenever I see students go in there.” 

Danika: “We recently did a highway cleanup, which I’m extremely proud of. It was a cold and rainy day, but we stuck to it and did it.”  

The Market
The Market
NTC highway clean-up
NTC highway clean-up

What initiative do you most want to see at NTC? 

Eve: “I really want to find ways to involve more students in helping make decisions for NTC. If students have suggestions to make NTC better, they can bring them directly to us as Student Senate.”  

How does Senate work with NTC students? 

Elle: “We have posters promoting Student Senate and our events all over campus. NTC students are always welcome to attend meetings and events.”    

Danika: “I try to go around and ask people in my program what events and activities they want to see on campus and take their suggestions into account.”   

NTC Student Senate hosts a pizza event at NTC
NTC Student Senate hosts a pizza event on campus

How might your Senate experience help you? 

Danika: “I think our Student Senate backgrounds will help us in our future professions by having learned to take initiative, communicate with others and make decisions that benefit everyone.”