NTC Dental Assisting Receives CODA Reaccreditation

NTC Dental Assisting student conducting a dental screening.

NTC Dental Assisting student conducting a dental screening.

The dental assisting program at Northwest Technical College has received reaccreditation from the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

CODA granted NTC accreditation without reporting requirements at its Aug. 10 meeting, meaning that NTC’s dental assisting program was found to achieve or exceed the requirements set forth by CODA for accreditation.

“One of the best ways to gain licensure as a licensed dental assistant is to have completed an accredited dental assisting program,” said Terri Bannor, program director of NTC’s dental assisting program. “It also makes it easier to obtain licensure or registration in other states, depending on their Dental Practice Act Rules and Regulations for dental assisting education in that state.”

The accreditation process includes an in-depth application, on-site review and interviews with administrators, instructors, staff and students to ensure the program meets accreditation standards. Graduation from an accredited dental assisting program is almost always stipulated by state law for licensure or certification examinations.

According to its mission statement, CODA serves the public and dental professions by developing and implementing accreditation standards that promote and monitor the continuous quality and improvement of dental education programs.

NTC’s recent reaccreditation is valid for seven years.



Terri Bannor, program director



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