NTC: North Dakota’s Dental Assisting Partner

Danel Orthodontics in Grand Forks has several NTC graduates on its dental assisting staff.

NTC Dental Assisting graduates are in demand.

Read how Dr. Jeremiah Danel of Danel Orthodontics in Grand Forks has found the dental assistants he needs at Northwest Technical College.

A recent study by the North Dakota Dental Association revealed the need for dental assistants in North Dakota. You can get the training you need to fill this in-demand career at Northwest Technical College in Bemidji, Minn.

Dental Assisting Highlights:

  • Learn in fully equipped labs from fully accredited and experienced faculty.
  • A supervised summer internship in North Dakota.
  • You can live on the Bemidji State University campus, or find a place off campus.
  • The NTC Dental Assisting program fulfills all professional standards for North Dakota and Minnesota.

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