Certificate — Administrative Business Specialist

This 18-credit certificate program provides the necessary foundation for students interested in administrative work or continuing in their education toward a diploma or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The applicable coursework will focus on keyboarding, desktop publishing, business office management and computer technology. Further, students will learn about office applications and presentation graphics.


There is a large demand for secretaries, especially during peak business periods. Secretaries and office assistants who can handle administrative responsibilities such as budgeting, scheduling and office management are sought after by businesses in all types of industries.

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Next Steps

All credits earned in the 18-credit Administrative Business Specialist Certificate program can be applied to the 34-credit Administrative Support Diploma and the 60-credit Administrative Assistant AAS degree. For graduates who choose to seek a diploma, additional courses will focus on bookkeeping, financial information, customer relations and business communications.

Degree Requirements

Course #Course NameCredit
ADMS 1100Keyboarding I3.00
ADMS 1102Keyboarding II3.00
ADMS 1112Desktop Publishing/Presentation Graphics3.00
ADMS 1126Business Office Management3.00
ADMS 2124Advanced Microcomputer Technology3.00
CPTR 1104Computerized Business Applications3.00
Total Credits18