Course Descriptions and Outlines

Practical Nursing Courses


This course starts by assisting the student in developing life management skills to support success in nursing school. Learning style, study skills, and time management practices are emphasized. The course introduces medical terminology and fundamental nursing concepts and theory which underlie basic assessment and nursing skills. Nursing process is introduced as a framework for competent clinical decision-making. Fundamentals of safety are taught as it applies to evidence-based, client- centered care. The student will demonstrate critical thinking, decision making, and priority setting skills essential to success assessment and application of nursing skills in the laboratory setting. The student will learn personal and professional behaviors that support a professional caring relationship with clients and colleagues is explored. Prerequisites: Admission to the Program, BIOL 2252, ENGL 1111, completion of Nursing Assistant course (within five years of start date) Co-requisites: PNSG 1150, PNSG 1180, PNSG 1185, PSYC 2201

Credits: 5

Credit Breakdown: 2/3/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)

Course Outline: download (pdf)

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