Course Descriptions and Outlines

Dental Health

This course covers the basic principles of nutrition, pharmacology, ergonomics, and citizenship skills as they apply to the dental field. Students will be introduced to basic nutritional concepts and its effects on the human body from the standpoint of general health and the relationship to oral disease. Students will also learn about medications that are commonly seen in the dental setting and the diseases, indications for which these drugs are prescribed and adverse reactions that can result in medical emergencies in the dental office. In addition, students will learn how ergonomic principles apply to dental assisting. Students will also participate in service-learning projects to gain a sense of community contribution and experience. Prerequisites: ENGL0050, GTEC0006, MATH0080 or appropriate score on assessment

Credits: 3.00

Credit Breakdown: Lecture 3.00
Lab 0
On the job training n/a

Course Outline: download (pdf)