Course Descriptions and Outlines

AD Nursing Courses

Advanced Skills

This course develops the role and competencies of the professional nurse as they relate to management of advanced nursing skills used in the healthcare setting. Skills and/or procedures addressed include: Intravenous (IV) therapy & critical care nursing concepts. Skills are presented within the context of the nursing process, evidence-based practice, and industry certified standards of practice. Course fees include Lab Pack purchased through NTC bookstore. Cost varies annually. Prerequisites: ADNG2100, ADNG2150, ADNG2400, BIOL2256 Co-requisites: ADNG2200, ADNG2250, ADNG2350, PHIL1201 or 2210

Credits: 2.00

Credit Breakdown: Lecture 1.00
Lab 1.00
On the job training n/a

Course Outline: download (pdf)