Nursing I

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This course explores foundational concepts related to the pathophysiological processes affecting homeostatic balance and cell survival in the human system. Concepts of fluid & electrolytes, acid-base, oxygenation & gas exchange, hematology, nutrition, and elimination will be discussed. Learners will use assessment data to evaluate expected and unexpected outcomes and form the basis for prioritizing expected medical and nursing management of care. The nursing process, clinical reasoning, and use of research-based nursing actions are integrated throughout the course as the foundation for assisting clients across the lifespan experiencing disruptions in the health-illness continuum. Prerequisite(s): ADNG1000 & 1050 or ADNG 2300, BIOL2262, MATH1110/1930 Co-requisite(s): ADNG1100 & 1200 or ADNG1300, CHEM1100, PSYC2201

Credit Breakdown

Credit Type Count
Lecture 4.00
Lab 0
On the job training n/a
Total Credits 4.00