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This course presents the foundational pharmacological concepts. Medications' physiologic effects on the body and pharmacologic principles will be emphasized. Pharmacology principles addressed will include: major pharmacological classifications; medication effects, side effects, adverse reactions, and age- specific modifications; essential components of provider orders; and the nursing role related to safe medication administration. Included in this course is information on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, common adverse/side effects, and contraindications to drug use. Emphasis is placed on drug classifications and nursing care related to the safe administration of medications to patients across the life span. Prerequisite(s): ADNG1000, 1050, BIOL2262, MATH1110/1930 Co-requisite(s): ADNG1150, 1200, CHEM1100, PSYC2201

Credit Breakdown

Credit Type Count
Lecture 2.00
Lab 0
On the job training n/a
Total Credits 2.00