Course Descriptions and Outlines

AD Nursing Courses

Foundations of Nursing Skills

The course introduces the fundamentals of nursing care and the interactive role of the Nurse. Skills addressed include Vital signs, documentation, physical assessment, nursing process, wound management, care of the surgical patient, vision-hearing screening, enteral feedings, urinary catheterization, ostomy care, airway management, and oxygen delivery devices. Medication administration concepts and associated psychomotor skills will be presented. Essential components of provider orders and the nursing role related to safe medication administration will be addressed. Prerequisite(s): Admission to the program, Nursing Assistant Certification/Training, BIOL 2221, BIOL 2252, ENGL 1111 Co-requisite(s): ADNG1000, BIOL2254, MATH1110/1930

Credits: 4.00

Credit Breakdown: Lecture 0
Lab 4.00
On the job training n/a

Course Outline: download (pdf)