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Course Descriptions and Outlines

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PLHE 1147

Plumbing Design and Installation II

Credits: 3

Description: This course covers practical experience in the installation of sewers and drain piping by laying out piping trenches, excavating trenches, using a builder's level to establish grade and elevations of the piping, and backfilling trenches in a safe and efficient manner. Prerequisite(s): None

Credit Breakdown: 2/1/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.

Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate self-development skills.
  2. Demonstrate technology skills.
  3. Demonstrate thinking/active learning skills.


  1. Incorporate basic layout considerations based on common fixture types and codes.
  2. Recognize pipe route installation based on structural obstacles.
  3. Apply fitting sizing for correct installation practices.
  4. Incorporate correct testing method for plumbing inspection.
  5. Recognize that company preference can dictate installation practices.
  6. Adapt basic fixture and equipment installations.
  7. Know the tools and materials required before beginning an installation.
  8. Understand the sequence of installing materials to complete a task in a productive manner.
  9. Identify and describe segment of a drain, waste, and vent system.

Guidelines for Success


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, learners are encouraged to register with the Learning Services Director in the Learning Enrichment Center for assistance with accommodations. It is the learner's responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.

Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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