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Course Descriptions and Outlines

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Mathematics Courses

MATH 1930

Introduction to Mathematical Sciences

Credits: 3

Description: Meets MnTransfer Goal Area 4: This course integrates the study of algebra and statistics. Topics include functions, graphical and tabular analysis, rate of change, syntax and semantics, the process of computing, data manipulation, sampling, statistical measures, basic probability, correlation. Examples are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and content will be taught within the framework of discipline-specific examples. This course will be taught in a lab environment, the sessions will be a mix of lecture, individual work, and group work. Student participation and activity learning will be stressed. Prerequisite(s): 2yrs HS algebra at "C" or better, or appropriate assessment score, or MATH0092 at "C" or better.

Credit Breakdown: 2/1/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.


Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate thinking/active learning skills.
  2. Demonstrate career/computation skills.
  3. Demonstrate technology skills.


  1. Analyze data using spreadsheets.
  2. Analyze data using scatterplots.
  3. Solve algebraic equations.
  4. Use technology to analyze data for statistical information.
  5. Use technology to sort data.
  6. Use statistics gathered from data to make decisions.
  7. Expalin the logic or reason why something was done mathematically.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding for what was done to solve a probelm.

Guidelines for Success


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, learners are encouraged to register with Learning Services Director in the Learning Enrichment Center for assistance with accommodations. It is the learners responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.

Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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