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Course Descriptions and Outlines

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Dental Assisting Courses

DNAS 1136

Advanced Functions

Credits: 7

Description: This course is designed to provide the learner with instruction and practice to perform the clinical competence in the following intraoral functions approved by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry: taking radiographic exposures, performing mechanical polishing, taking preliminary impressions and bite registrations, applying topical fluoride, whitening agents, placing and removing dental dam, placing and removing periodontal dressing, removing excess cement, and applying pit and fissure sealants, inducing patients to nitrous-oxide/oxygen sedation and removing excess bonding material from orthodontic appliances with a rotary handpiece, In addition the following intraoral functions are taught and practiced to laboratory competency: applying non-fluoride topical medications, removing sutures, preliminary adaptation of temporary (provisional) crowns, performing selected orthodontic functions. Prerequisite(s): DENT1100, DENT1112, DENT1114, DNAS1106, DNAS1112, HPER1410

Credit Breakdown: 2/5/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.


Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate effective communication/interaction skills.
  2. Demonstrate career/computation skills.
  3. Demonstrate technology skills.
  4. Demonstrate self-development skills.


  1. Describe Minnesota expanded functions rules/regulations
  2. Demonstrate safe clinical practices
  3. Demonstrate professional behavior
  4. Demonstrate appropriate infection control practice
  5. Demonstrate appropriate patient rapport/control
  6. Demonstrate appropriate safety techniques
  7. Critique delegateable expanded function techniques
  8. Demonstrate diagnostic data collection for intra and extra oral exams
  9. Perform delegateable expanded function techniques
  10. Explain individual expanded functions rules and criterias
  11. Develop patient education preventive techniques
  12. Identify patient oral hygiene needs
  13. Describe and explain oral disease preventive dentistry techniques
  14. Demonstrate professional attitude
  15. Demonstrate computer use/skills
  16. Determine appropriate expanded function for specific application

Guidelines for Success


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Learners are encouraged to register with Learning Services Director in the Learning Enrichment Center for assistance with accommodations. It is the Learner's responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to Learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.

Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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