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Medical Secretary Courses

ADMM 2200

Medical Language Applications

Credits: 3

Description: This course covers appropriate usage of medical language in written documentation. Authentic medical documentation will be reviewed. Proofreading for errors, analysis of content, spelling and phonetic problem solving are emphasized. A solid foundation of medical terminology is necessary for success in this class. Prerequisite(s): None

Credit Breakdown: 3/0/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the job training)


This course should help you gain the following abilities and competencies.

Core Abilities

  1. Demonstrate thinking/active learning skills.
  2. Demonstrate self-development skills.


  1. Give the medical meaning of prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms for each body system.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use word parts to build medical words.
  3. Analyze the meaning of medical words for each body system.
  4. Correctly make plural and adjective forms of medical words.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to interpret medical words in the context of medical reports.
  6. Prounounce and spell medical words correctly for each body system.
  7. Translate common abbreviations, acronyms, and slang terms for each body system.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of the Radiology section.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of the Psychiatry section.

Guidelines for Success


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, learners are encouraged to register with Learning Services Director in Learning Services Center for assistance with accommodations. It is the learner's responsibility to voluntarily and confidentially disclose information regarding the nature and extent of a disability. The college cannot assume responsibility for providing accommodations or services to learners who have not identified themselves as having a qualifying disability.

Last Updated: 2011-05-23
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