Application Information

Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College seek a strategic and visionary president with the experience and passion to lead two culturally diverse institutions to realize their full potential. The president oversees both institutions, forming an innovative partnership that is unique within the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities. 

Serving around 5,000 students, Bemidji State University is Minnesota’s Premier North Woods University that offers more than 70 undergraduate areas of study and 11 graduate degrees encompassing arts, sciences, and select pre-professional programs. 

Ten minutes up the road sits Northwest Technical College, which serves over 1,100 students and offers certificates, diplomas, and degree programs carefully designed to serve high school graduates and employers in northern Minnesota.

The campuses are situated in a quintessential college town surrounded by the beauty and amenities of the lakes and forests of northern Minnesota. Situated in a thriving downtown community including top-notch employers and many start-up agencies, the campuses play a key and critical role in providing resources, leadership, and services to the broader community. The campuses are well positioned and offer the next president the opportunity to build on a solid foundation. 


The innovative alignment of Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College increases student access to educational opportunities and ensures wise use of resources. The community welcomes a visionary president who will continue the innovative partnership mentality and seize opportunities that come with a changing higher education landscape. The presidential candidate should be able to be strategic in planning and able in execution, always keeping a student-centric mindset and be a person who equally values liberal arts and professional education. The president’s leadership should garner respect and be valued at both the campus and System level. 


Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College attract a diverse group of students, including many international students and a large and growing Indigenous student population. The campuses foster an environment rich in ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles, and are some of the most diverse entities in the region. The community desires a president with an unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion and a keen awareness of different cultures. The presidential candidate should be genuine in leadership and action, setting clear expectations with achievable timelines to foster a learning environment that continues to attract a diverse student population and a work environment where differences are respected. 


Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College seek a president who will uphold collective shared governance and who can use the energy of the stakeholders to bring together all under a shared vision. At the same time, the new president should be able to support the shared and individual core values of the institutions in realizing their distinctive missions. The new president should have the ability and the desire to work with all levels, valuing listening and learning from within and without the campus communities. Additionally, the presidential candidate should prioritize transparency, demonstrating thoughtful capability in judgment and action. 


Both Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College are strongly committed to supporting the educational and career goals of students, and to developing programs responsive to the evolving needs of the greater community and workforce. A president who encourages new and innovative curricular and co-curricular programs and prioritizes superior student services, accessibility, and resources is desired. The presidential candidate should be on the front lines with students at both campuses, engaging in student life and valuing the student voice. Additionally, the president should recognize and work to overcome enrollment barriers for students from all backgrounds. 


Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College prioritize a highly accessible learning environment to serve the students in the region. To continue this commitment, the president will need to seek outside support to maintain the infrastructure, programs and scholarships to support the students and the campuses. There is a need to form and nurture existing strategic alliances with regional businesses, local and state governments, and other institutions within the Minnesota State system. Additionally, the presidential candidate should engage alumni, donors, and friends in ways that stimulate a lifetime of interest, loyalty, and support.