Before registering make sure you understand and follow the steps in Preparing for Registration.

Registration Process

See below for information about the process to follow depending on your student classification.

  1. New on-campus students
  2. New distance students (on-line students)
  3. Current students; on-campus and distance; undergraduate and graduate
  4. Former students

1. New On-Campus Students

New on-campus students register for their initial term classes by making an appointment with staff in NTC One Stop Services.  Call 218-333-6600 to schedule an appointment.

2. New On-LINE DISTANCE Students

New distance students, admitted through Distance Minnesota will be able to register for online courses using e-Services inside myNTC. Work with your assigned academic advisor for proper course placement.

3. Current Students; On-Campus and Distance

Students register using e-Services, available through myNTC.  Dates and times to register for each term are assigned to each student based on total earned credits.  Students should plan to meet with their advisor prior to their assigned registration time to determine course selection, degree completion progress, and to obtain a registration access code, if required.  Registration access codes are required for all on-campus degree seeking students.

4. FORMER Students

Former students (those who were previously at NTC and have taken a leave of absence) will need to contact NTC One Stop Services to reactive their account.  Upon reactivation, students can register using e-Services provided they left the college in good standing and don’t have any registration holds.

Registering for Classes

  1. Log in to myNTC.
  2. Click “e-Services” on the left.
  3. Click “Courses & Registration” on the left.
  4. Click “Search for Courses.”
  5. Search for courses by subject area or course number.
  6. Click “Add” and the course will be added to your Wishlist.
  7. From the Wishlist (under “Review My Plan”) you can select the courses for which you want to register.
  8. Confirm your course registration with your e-Services password.

If you know the course identification numbers, follow these directions:

  1. Click “Quick Add” and enter the course ID’s of the classes you wish to take.
  2. Course ID’s can be found in the Class Schedule.

See Registration Holds and Errors for more information and help on problems with registering.

Securing Your Classes

After registering for classes, make sure to follow the requirements for Paying Your Bill to ensure that your classes won’t be dropped for non-payment.