Private Loans

Many banks and credit unions provide educational loan options, commonly referred to as private loans.  These loans may have higher interest rates than federal loans and generally should be considered as a borrowing option after you have considered federal loans.  It’s recommended that students pay the interest while in school rather than let the interest accrue, as is possible on some loans, until they begin making payments.  Letting interest accrue (capitalize at repayment) will increase the total amount that must be repaid.

Northwest Technical College does not endorse any lender, nor does NTC or its employees, receive any benefits or remuneration from any lenders. We do provide FASTChoice as a way for you to compare private loan options.  You are free to search and borrow from a private alternative lender not appearing on this list.

FASTChoice Loan Comparison Tool

Lender Name Phone Number Online Application
MN SELF Loan 800-657-3866
Wells Fargo Student Loans 800-658-3567
Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan 866-972-5004
Bank of ND DEAL Loan 800-472-2166

Both Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae do not require the student to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress policy guidelines.

To ensure the integrity and the best interests of our students NTC employees are subject to the Student Loan Code of Conduct.