MN Indian Scholarship and Tribal Grant

Minnesota residents with documented one-fourth or more Indian ancestry may be eligible for the Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program. Students of Indian ancestry may also be eligible for a Tribal Grant. Students should contact their individual Tribal Education Office for specific information and application forms.

Private Scholarships

Many private organizations in your home town offer scholarships to help with the costs of attending college. You may wish to contact your high school counselor or the public library for information on local scholarships.  A reputable scholarship search tool should not charge a fee, so beware of scholarship scams that guarantee results for a fee.  Anticipated private scholarship funds should be reported to the NTC Financial Aid Office.

Here are some free tools for searching for private scholarships:

Foundation Scholarships

Northwest Technical College Foundation manages scholarships for current and new NTC students enrolled part-time and full-time. Over $50,000 in scholarships are awarded each year.   Scholarship awards range from $250 to $1,500 per semester and a few scholarships may be renewed for more than one semester.

Students complete an online application and the scholarship committee selects the recipients for a specific scholarship(s) based on how well you answer the three essay questions on the application. Successful applicants must meet the scholarship criteria such as GPA, program of study, and the other criteria noted on the scholarship list below.

Increase your chance to receive a scholarship!  Type your answers to the essay questions in a Microsoft Word document first; have someone else proof your answers; then cut and paste your final document into the online form. The online form does not offer Spellcheck.

Please Note:  Letters of recommendation are required for the Paul Bunyan Vintage Auto Club, Fred Breen, and the Young Professional scholarships. To be eligible for those scholarships, submit the letters of recommendation to the Admissions Office separately from the online application.

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