Starfish is a communication tool used by faculty to support student academic success. Starfish enables professors to provide praise or raise concerns regarding their students’ academic performance.

Referred to as “Kudos” and “Flags”, these notifications are sent to your NTC e-mail account and can be viewed on your Starfish page. A support network has access to the notifications and provides outreach to students.
The types of Kudos and Flags are:

Kudos Academic Difficulty Flags Attendance Related Flags
Keep Up the Good Work Low Quiz/Test Scores Attendance Concern
Outstanding Academic Performance Missing/Late Assignments Never Attended
Showing Improvement Academic Performance Concern
In Danger of Failing

Throughout the term, you may receive Kudo or Flag email notifications from NTC One Stop Services regarding your academic performance. Flag email notifications suggest steps to take to improve the situation. Please pay attention to these email messages and take the recommended actions early. The suggestions are sent to help you succeed!

In addition, Starfish provides students a way to request help. Students can also schedule appointments online with faculty and staff members who have made online scheduling available in Starfish.

Please Note: NOT all faculty will be using Starfish

You may have several instructors who do NOT raise flags/kudos. Not receiving a Starfish notification does NOT indicate good or poor academic performance. It is your responsibility to know how you are doing in all of your courses. You should speak with your instructor immediately if you are unsure of your academic status in a course.

Also Important for Students to Know

  • Only you, the faculty member who raised the flag, your advisor and NTC staff members who provide support to students can view flags.
  • Starfish does not police you and it is not punitive. The main goals of using Starfish are to help you be successful during your time at Northwest Technical College and to help you stay connected with your instructors, your advisor and other sources of support.
  • Flags and kudos are not recorded on your DARS or on your transcript.
  • Starfish is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Starfish Guides for Students

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