Faculty & Staff15 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Baas, Mark (218) 333-6600Adjunct/TPT Faculty / Speech
Bannor, Terri 227(218) 333-6658Unlimited Full Time Faculty - Dental Asst
Barnes, Laurie 256(218) 333-6609Probationary Full Time Faculty - Nursing
Bartlett, Andy 325 (BSU)#2 (BSU)(218) 755-2746Associate Director of Communications & Marketing
Beevor, Julie 228(218) 333-6630Full-Time Probationary Faculty, AD Nursing
Berube, Jana DistMN(651) 355-0116MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Bieberdorf, Nicholle 256(218) 333-6662Faculty
Bine, David (218) 333-6600Faculty Temp PT
Blatti, Teresa DistMN(651) 355-0118MnSCU Academic Professional 1
Boyer, Charles 129(218) 333-6653Building Utilities Mechanic
Brielmaier, Michele 260(218) 333-6659Director of Nursing and Health Sciences
Broers, Linda Adjunct Faculty
Brower, Jeffrey SetCtr(218) 333-6642Unlimited Full Time Faculty - Plumbing
Bruning, Cynthia (218) 333-6600Adjunct/TPT Faculty
Brunko, Tiffany DistMN(651) 556-0592OASI Intermediate
Offices3 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneFax
Bookstore 110(218) 751-1987
Business Office 130(218) 333-6614(218) 333-6696
Business Program 208(218) 333-6674(218) 333-6694